I-CAT Training Solutions is a new initiative that seeks to provide high-quality environmental training to our customers to further expand the existing services currently offered as part of I-CAT Environmental Solutions.  I-CAT’s state of the art, eco training facility will be used to offer customised environmental training programmes presented by highly-qualified and experienced facilitators. The aim of the training facility is to provide short, hands-on competency based training programmes which are practically orientated and customised to focus on the needs of specific interest groups within both the public and private sectors…

Key focus will be to integrate their existing experience and knowledge in environmental management, to the training solutions, to further equip trainees with the necessary environmental skills and competencies to be used in their specific line of application.

Training will be offered on basic as well as intermediate levels and will include introductory as well as specialised courses. Our courses are listed below.

Courses We Offer

  • Environmental Legislation
  • Directors’ Liabilities & Duties
  • Approach to Permitting & Licensing
    Mining Rights & EMPs; Environmental Impact Assessments; Water Use Licence Applications; Air Emission Licenses; Waste Management Licences; Rectification Applications
  • Mining
    Mine Plans, Mine Residue Management; Rehabilitation and Closure; Financial Provision
  • Non-mining Waste Management
    Waste classification and disposal; Waste handling, and storage; Waste re-use, recycle, recover; Unlawful disposal and littering; Waste tyres; Asbestos management and disposal
  • Water
    Water management and pollution control; Safety of dams; Wetlands
  • Hazardous chemical substances management
    Use, storage handling; Transportation; PCBs; Radioactive sources; Flammable Liquids/Substances
  • Air Quality Management
    Ambient air quality management; Dust control; Environmental noise control and management; Noxious or offensive gases; Blasting, vibration and shock management and control
  • Biodiversity
    Protection of threatened or protected species; Alien and invasive species; Fire breaks and fire fighting; Acquisition, disposal, sale or use of fertilizers, farm feeds, agricultural remedies and stock remedies
  • Soil management including Contaminated Land Management
  • Heritage Resources Management
  • Emergency Incidents
  • Sustainable Development
    Sustainable development principles; International conventions/treaties
  • ISO 14001 General Overview
    History and background of ISO 14001; Environmental management system; 5 principles of ISO 14001; Changes from ISO14001:2004 to ISO14001:2015