A leading environmental management company supplying its clients with exceptional services and environmental management products.

We are as passionate about the environment as we are about our clients. We offer specialized services in the environmental sphere and innovative solutions for any environmental challenge.

Our services are concentrated around our five core operational divisions; Dust Solutions, Water Solutions, Environmental Services and Management, Fire Solutions and Agri-Forestry Products.

Our services and products are offered in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Australia.


Our division provides leading environmental management consulting services with our primary focus in supplying customised solutions to both the private and public sectors.  We provide a comprehensive range of services which includes:

  • Licensing and Permitting in terms of NEMA, MPRDA, NWA, NEMAQA, NEMWA
  • Legal and Performance Auditing (External WUL Audit, EMPr PAR, GN 704 Audit, EA Audit, AEL Audit, WML Audit etc)
  • Compliance Monitoring (water, noise and dust)
  • Sustainability and Integrated Reporting
  • Greenstar Rating
  • Environmental training

We strive to deliver our services with the utmost emphasis placed on quality, customer experience, competency and integrity in an ever changing professional and regulatory environment.

Our clients’ needs form the heart of our operations and empower us to be a market leader in the field of Environmental Consulting.